Corporate Psychopaths as 'Star Employees'

Corporate psychopaths are typically seen as rising stars by those above them,

bedazzled as they are by the tremendous upward impression management skills
of the typical corporate psychopaths.

To those who do not know them well, corporate psychopaths can appear to be good leadership material. They give the impression of being competent, well qualified and very experienced. In reality the competency of the corporate psychopath is based on their claiming the good work of other people, their qualifications are fictitious or fraudulently claimed and their experience is over-blown and exaggerated.

Thus to those employees who work immediately below the corporate psychopath, the corporate psychopath appears to be incompetent, unqualified, untrustworthy job-wise and lacking in relevant experience.

For more details see the paper:  "Marketing in a time of toxic leadership", by Boddy, C. R. & Croft, R. 2016. In the journal 'Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal', 19, 44-64.