Corporate Psychopaths and Fraud

Psychologists seem to agree that fraud and psychopathy will tend to be found together. Some case study evidence exists to support this hypothesis and individuals who embody many of the traits of psychopathy have been found to have engaged in financial fraud and CV fraud –  falsely obtaining money by deception and falsely claiming qualifications they do not have.

Other figures from business history with pronounced psychopathic traits have also been fraudulent, involving the misstatement of financial affairs at a firm level. Case studies involving Robert Maxwell and the Mirror Group, Kenneth Lay and Enron and Albert Dunlap at Sunbeam Corporation have examined these issues in some detail.

For more details see the paper: "Historical champions of shareholder capitalism: were they corporate psychopaths? The case of Albert Dunlap", by Boddy, C. In the proceedings of the British Academy of Management Annual Conference, 2018. 1-23.