Corporate Psychopaths and Employee Well-Being

Employee well-being is positive when people are happy in their jobs, lives and with their work-life balance. Psychological and physical healthiness results from this and at an organisational level this promotes an efficient and stable work environment.

However, working under corporate psychopaths reduces employee well-being.

This situation makes employees feel angry, anxious, depressed and discouraged.

Their sense of being at ease is diminished as is their calmness and level of contentedness. This applies equally to male and female employees who both seem to experience the same negativity when faced with a corporate psychopath boss. There is little wonder then, that such employees seek to exit the organisation as soon as they are able to.

US research has found a link between feeling stressed and the presence of psychopathic supervisors at work, while Australian research has found that employees working alongside corporate psychopaths are disillusioned to the point of despair. Such employees feel afraid, traumatised, insecure, frustrated and hostile. The bullying abuse, yelling and public humiliations that typically accompany the presence of corporate psychopaths, creates a climate of fear within organisations. Self-doubt, lowered self-confidence and psychological distress become endemic among employees within these organisations.