Corporate Psychopaths and Leadership

Corporate psychopaths can bluff their way into leadership positions but once in place they lack the conscientiousness, responsibility and consideration for their employees to make any positive transformation. The transformation they make is more towards a laissez-faire type of indifferent leadership where employees are allowed to do anything apart from question, challenge, attempt to help or guide the leader in their running of the organisation.

Corporate psychopaths as leaders have a hidden agenda which is oriented towards self-promotion, self-enrichment or self-advancement in ways that may not be immediately obvious to other employees.

The divide and conquer tactics of corporate psychopath leaders destroy team adhesiveness and create a dysfunctional corporation. Upward impression management activities by the corporate psychopath mean that this destructiveness is not noticed by those above the corporate psychopath, who unquestioningly accept the rosy picture of success and growth being falsely presented to them.

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