Corporate Psychopaths and the Environment

Organisations run by corporate psychopaths are associated with lower levels of corporate social responsibility – the idea that firms have a duty of care towards more than just their shareholders, and for example, have a duty towards society in general. When corporate psychopaths are present as managers there is a perception among employees that the firm has little interest in doing business in a socially responsible manner or in a way that benefits the local community. Further, such firms are also perceived as having less commitment to doing business in a manner which benefits the environment or even their own employees.

Corresponding with this, other research has found that there is a correlation between individual psychopathy and the willingness to engage in the illegal disposing of toxic waste material.

As psychopaths have no care for other people,
including their own children, they take no action to conserve the planet for the benefit of future generations and the main measure of their success is limited to short term financial gain. The result is catastrophic over-fishing, rampant deforestation, resource depletion and environmental degradation across the planet.

For more details see the 2013 paper: "Corporate Psychopaths: Uncaring Citizens, Irresponsible Leaders", by Boddy, C.R.. Journal of Corporate Citizenship: (Special Issue) Creating Global Citizens and Responsible Leadership, 49, 8-16.